Saga Dive Magic Ball

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Product Details
Saga introduces the new MAGIC BALL.

With this device you can make stunning artistic and totally different pictures. Photographed motifs are reflected within a bubble of air and create spectacular effects in the images.
Made of Delrin, Underwire metric 67.
The Magic Ball is made up of two parts; a part where the lens is a compartment with two crystals inside to keep the effect air bubble, and the other to adapt to front a macro lens (or lens support).
It has a screw that allows you to focus and adjust the diameter of the ball.
This product can be used in a compact box with lenses + 5 and + 10. And housings reflex with 60 mm, + 5 and + 10 lenses.
Images have an angular effect on the Center with a crisp, clear image and show the same image inverted and blurred into the background.

Technical specifications:
Weight: 230g
Diameter: 73 mm
Maximum length: 130 mm
Minimum length: 90 mm